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Who we are?


Shimi Azar Jaam Co., (SAJ Co.) has been established in 2004 in Tehran/Iran. It is specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation and service corrosion resistant equipment which uses glass lined steel, fluoropolymers and titanium technologies which is required in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, … industries.
The staff in SAJ is a mix of engineers and technical specialists that have years-long experience in industry, as well as young engineers which have grown with the organization since its inception in 2004.





Why us?


   Designing, manufacturing, metal working, lining and quality control of all Shimi Azar Jaam equipment is in accordance with the relevant codes at ASME, DIN, ISO and IPS standards.

    SAJ has the ability to manufacture reactors of capacity 50 to 33000 liters.

    SAJ co. is one of only a handful of companies in the world who specializes in manufacturing glass-lined equipment.





Our vision:

Shimi Azar Jam is a world-class organization, learner, innovative in order to create value for customers and the first choice of industries in solving corrosion problems.

Our mission:

    providing sincere and worthy service to local and foreign industries 
   Satisfaction of customers, suppliers, shareholders and coworkers
   Demanding that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier, safer environment





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