• High corrosion resistance

  • High resistance to mechanical impacts

  • Product residues can easily be detected

  • High optical contrast to product

  • Highly reflective

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<p dir="ltr"><strong><span style="font-size:16px;">&nbsp; &bull; High corrosion resistance</span></strong></p>

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&nbsp; &bull; High resistance to mechanical impacts</span></strong></p>

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&nbsp; &bull; Product residues can easily be detected</span></strong></p>

<p dir="ltr"><strong><span style="font-size:16px;"><br />
&nbsp; &bull; High optical contrast to product</span></strong></p>

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&nbsp; &bull; Highly reflective</span></strong></p>



Glass-Lined Equipment is a corrosion resistant material used in varying processes of operation from production of pharmaceuticals to specialty chemicals and polymers. The strong glass-lined equipment prevents materials exposed to harsh chemicals, such as acids, alkalis, water, and other chemicals, from becoming corroded and causing failure within the pressure equipment. Thus this type of equipment can keep a particularly long service life in environments where service conditions are difficult and other equipment would quickly become unfit for service.




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