1.	Consultancy Services

1. Consultancy Services

According to our expert's knowledge and experience, we can provide you the best offer in choosing the right ...

2.	Designing and Manufacturing

2. Designing and Manufacturing

SAJ glass lining facility is about 3000 m2 large which is developing too, and is based in Qom, IRAN. It adheres to the ...

3.	Maintenance:

3. Maintenance:

Our technicians provide complete glass lining inspection services to ensure that your reactor is in proper condition ...

4.	Upgrade and Process Improvements:

4. Upgrade and Process Improvements:

SAJ offers multiple solutions to upgrade or renew your current equipment to answer your needs. We also offer the ...

5.	Reglass Lining:

5. Reglass Lining:

Reglass lining is the best solution when damage to the glass lining is moderate to severe and the addition of more ...


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